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One (Simple) Hack to Get More Website Traffic FAST -

One (Simple) Hack to Get More Website Traffic FAST -

One (Simple) Hack to Get More Website Traffic FAST -

Traffic generation is hard. But what if told you i could make it a little bit easier for you? I can solve all your traffic problems for you, But i Can teach you one simple hack that's generated me over 40 thousand visitors, kid you not, over 40 thousand visitors,  in the last 30 days. Hey everyone i am Hasi Awan and today I'm gonna share with you one simple hack that'll get you more traffic to your website or Blog.

The simplest Hack to Getting More Website Traffic

This hack is called subscribers.Head over to It work for every website. It's free. You don't have to pay a dollar. They don't have some premium service. It's just a free tool. And what this does, is tell people every time someone's comebl to your website through browser notifications, it'll show you "Hey would you like to get notifications from or or any site?" As people say yes and they accept and they want notifications, every time that you have a new message, you can notify them. So when you log in through Subscribers, What you do is you just send out a message, you just click sent a notification, and you can tell all of your subscribers a specific message. "Hey here's how to double your traffic."  "Check out my latest blog post." Whatever it may be. "Check out this new product or service that were offering." And subscribers on their dashboard will show you every single message that you sent out, how many people, how many people received it, how many people clicked on it, and even how many people went over back to your website. What subscribers will attract how many people are active and how many people are inactive because they unsubscribe. And the best part about it is, installing it is super simple.

How to installing

You sign-up,  again its free, you put in your Url, as you put in your Url it'll then say,  "Alright here's a code for your website." You either install this WordPress plugin, or you install this JavaScript, and then boom you're off to the races. There is no much more yo that. Now here's some things i l've learned by using subscribers if you wanna get the more amount of traffic. What you'll find is people will unsubscribe. It's really easy to opt in, and it's really easy to opt out. And for that reason you get a lot of unsubscribes. So if you gonna monitize your subscriber list, you wanna do this as quick as possible. Right when someone Subscribes, consider creating a drip. Subscribers has like a drip feature in which you can sent out a messages within five minutes, or even one minute after someone Subscribes. Maybe a day later, maybe 10 days later. So i creat a drip sequence. My first  drip sequence, my first message  i sent out people when you subscribe to, tells people about  Uber Suggest, its my marketing tool. The second one, which goes out two days later, tells you about my ad agency, ehich have derive more leads, revenue. My third one, tells people to subscribe to my youtube page. And you can keep going with your drip. Mine is just three message that i sent out. And of course in between, I'm continuing promoting my website  or blog. What i found is, if you don't sent a ton of messages, you still get unsubscribes. So if i were you i would consider sending out a message once over two or three days. Daily is  a bit too obsessive, it's too much. But once every two or three days is the perfect amount. That's all have to do. You'll get more traffic, just look at . As you can see i have over a hundered thousand subscribers. It's the simplest, easiest way to get more traffic and best of all its free. So thanks for reading if you like this Articals, please leave a comment below, share it, tell other people about it, subscribe. Thank you.

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