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How to Create a WordPress Website: Step by Step Guide for Beginners

How to Create a WordPress Website: Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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WordPress is one of the leading website platforms covering almost 60 percent in CMS share and 28 percent of the whole internet, thus meaning that every other person might own a WordPress website. From business entrepreneurs to companies and magazines and shops, to even personal blogs dealing with travel, food, and fashion, you can find them all using WordPress.

Whether to flourish your business or make a name for yourself or your company, the internet is one of the key elements to achieving that. So if you do not own a website, what are you waiting for? You should get one right away.

Creating and building a website is no more a difficult task reserved for developers and designers. With the WordPress platform, it is, even more, easier thus, we chose this to be one of our favorite CMS platforms. To make your way to the WordPress entrepreneurship more easier and trouble free, we have taken the time to create the Ultimate guide about How to create a WordPress website to help you guide through the process.
Although creating a full-fledged WordPress website may be a long process, we have highlighted the key elements that as a beginner, you should know. We have divided the whole process of creating a WordPress website in basic steps. The first and basic steps for you to get your WordPress started, you can check them down below.

Creating a WordPress Website: Step by Step Guide

Here are some tips for you before you start creating your website!

Before you start creating a website, it is important for you to get a domain name. Be sure to get a domain name that matches the functionality of your website. Along with your domain name, it is also important that the domain suffix matches your website. For eg- .com for commercials, .org or organizations and .net for network.
Next, you need a web hosting service to get your website started. You can find one that serves you the cheapest and effective host plan suitable for your WordPress website.You have the option to choose from Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated hosting and Managed WordPress hosting. Choose the one that meets your needs and requirements.
After getting yourself a domain name and hosting service plan, you can now start our tutorials on ‘How To Create a WordPress Website. We have made tutorials that deal with a specific topic to guide you without any confusions.

Go through each one and the result will be the beautiful blog that you always wished for.
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  2. How to Find WordPress Login URL: Beginner’s Guide
  3. Installing Themes and Templates: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners
  4. Installing Plugins: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners
  5. WordPress Homepage: How to Set and Change WordPress Front Page
  6. Adding a New WordPress Post: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Your task doesn’t end here. As the site administrator, you will have to look after your website’s overall performance, online visibility, and everything that matters including SEO, speed, security, etc. We’ll come up with comprehensive tutorials on all the topics that are important. Stay tuned!

Further Tips on growing your WordPress website

After creating a beautiful WordPress blog for you to start out, you now need to get the people to view your site. For you to maintain a stable visit rate, you can customize and optimize your blog. Make sure your blog is SEO friendly with appealing design and content. It is important for you to constantly update and upload fresh contents every now and then.

Another important aspect of blogging and starting an online business is the analytics. This will help you keep the track of the visitors on our website, content, and conversations. Overall, this will help you maintain a monitored control over your website.
With the simple and thorough tutorials on How to Create a WordPress Website, we hope it will be easier for you to create your own WordPress website. If you have any confusions, do let us know down in the comments below.